7/24/2013 – Tinian Turtle towing and East Side dives

Kev - relaxed turtle surveyor  

During the last two days, we have circumnavigated Tinian, via snorkel, towing, SCUBA and trolling. We have been very fortunate with the weather, as the east coast of Tinian is mostly inaccessible due to strong trade winds and swells. Turtle towing on the south and west lee shores, with glassy conditions is really a pleasure. We recorded many turtles, both Hawksbills and Greens, which kept the recorders busy, and makes fish species diversity surveys much stronger, as we cover much more geography than a few dives every could.

rock island trees

The east side of Tinian has dramatic cliffs and blowholes, including the tragic Banzai cliff where once the outcome of the invasion (liberation) of Tinian by the US became obvious, hundreds of Japanese and Okinawans threw themselves onto the rocks below, rather than suffer under the rumored horrific American occupation. As we passed by, we could see the memorials on the cliff tops with tourists (mostly Chinese and Japanese) under parasols.Rob filmingfull moon

The fish survey continues to mount – over 250 species for Tinianflying fish

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