Saipan 7/4/2013

SS Thorfin

SS Thorfin

Home for the next 3 and a half weeks, the SS Thorfin. We are finishing loading supplies and last minute searches at hardware stores and dive shops, before departing tomorrow morning for 24 days. We will be conducting surveys along the northern Mariana islands and also Tinian, specifically looking at coral and turtle abundance and diversity. The scientific group is quite diverse, a range of expertise in corals, algae, marine reptiles, dive safety, unexploded ordinance identification, diving medicine, administration etc. I am the only videographer and fish guy, and hope to work my way into as many dive groups as possible to see how folks are working. We have more data collection technology than I am used to; the tow board operators have video capability (GoPros) and voice communications to the boat, where operators on a fairly high tech set up record coordinates and log data, in a fashion that allows for almost immediate map generation with all tracks and video present. We also have GPS board that I can tow, to have my video clips linked to very accurate position data, which should provide a better ability for linking video clips to exact map locations.


Rob and Kev with Alamagan

Rob and Kev with Alamagan Island in Background

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